Digital Health and Machine Learning

Best Student Paper Award at AIME (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine)

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Morassi Sasso, A., Datta, S., Jeitler, M., Steckhan, N., Kessler, C. S., Michalsen, A., Bert, A., Boettinger, E.: HYPE: Predicting Blood Pressure from Photoplethysmograms in a Hypertensive Population. Proceedings of AIME (2020).


Best Student Paper Award in Track (Making Digital Inclusive – Blending the Local and the Global) at ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems)

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Schmitt, Franziska; Sundermeier, Janina; Bohn, Nicolai; and Morassi Sasso, Ariane, “Spotlight on Women in Tech: Fostering an Inclusive Workforce when Exploring and Exploiting Digital Innovation Potentials” (2020). ICIS 2020 Proceedings. 6.



Women in Data Science (WiDS)

82nd from 951 Teams (9%) | AUC on the test data: 0.911

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Personalized Medicine and Information Retrieval

Biomedical ArticlesClinical Trials
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Overview Paper

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Oleynik, M., Faessler, E., Sasso, A.M., Kappattanavar, A., Bergner, B., da Cruz, H.F., Sachs, J.-P., Datta, S., Boettinger, E.: HPI-DHC at TREC 2018 Precision Medicine Track. Notebook papers of the TREC 2018 conference. pp. 1-9 (2018).

Other Publications


Digital Health

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Musmann, F., Sasso, A. M. & Arnrich, B. ALPS: A Web Platform for Analysing Multimodal Sensor Data in the Context of Digital Health. in 2020 IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI) 1–12 (IEEE, 2020).

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Datta, S., Sachs, J. P., FreitasDa Cruz, H., Martensen, T., Bode, P., Morassi Sasso, A., Glicksberg, B. S., & Böttinger, E. (2021). FIBER: enabling flexible retrieval of electronic health records data for clinical predictive modeling. JAMIA Open, 4(3).

Gender Bias in Science


Oliveira-Ciabati, L., Loures Dos Santos, L. Hsiou Schmaltz, A., Morassi Sasso, A., Castro, M., Souza, J. P.: Sexismo científico: o viés de gênero na produção científica da Universidade de São Paulo. Revista de Saúde Pública (2020). Free translation: Scientific sexism: the gender bias in the scientific production of the university of Sao Paulo. (Waiting for Publication)


Digital health and Machine Learning


Morassi Sasso, A., Datta, S., Pfitzner, B., Zhou, L., Steckhan, N., Boettinger, E., Arnrich, B.: Unobtrusive Measurement of Blood Pressure During Lifestyle Interventions. Proceedings of the 13th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare – Demos and Posters. EAI, Trento (2019).

Health Information Systems


Yoshiura, V.T., Azevedo-Marques, J. M., Rzewuska, M., Vinci, A.L.T., Sasso, A.M., Miyoshi, N.S.B., Furegato, A.R.F., Rijo, R.P.C.L., Del-Ben, C.M., Alves, D.: A web-based information system for a regional public mental healthcare service network in Brazil. International journal of mental health systems.11,1 (2017).

Ontologies and Clinical trials


Patrão, D.F.C., Oleynik, M., Massicano, F., Sasso, A.M.: Recruit-An Ontology Based Information Retrieval System for Clinical Trials Recruitment. MedInfo. p. 534–538 (2015).

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Massicano, F., Sasso, A., Tomaz, H., Oleynik, M., Nobrega, C., Patrão, D.F.C.: An Ontology for TNM Clinical Stage Inference. ONTOBRAS (2015).