SAIL 2021/2022

Unfortunately SAIL was postponed to next year. So the new date is: May 23-25, 2022

I am happy to announce 🎉 that we got a poster presentation accepted at the Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for Learning Health Systems (SAIL) on October 18 – 20, 2021 in Bermuda. I will be presenting our work entitled: Using Electronic Health Records to Predict theOnset of Hypertension with LSTMs. Looking forward to seeing some great presentations there 😉.


Hello All! This month on the 22nd of April I will be speaking at the Sprechstunde of the University of Potsdam targeting Brazilian students, check it out (in Portuguese):

Olá Pessoal! Nesse mês, no dia 22 de Abril eu irei dar uma pequena palestra no Sprechstunde da Universidade de Potsdam para estudantes brasileiros, veja aqui (em Português):


On this note, if you are curious I talked about “a researcher life during the pandemic” to the University of Potsdam in a short video (in English):

Nessa nota, se você está curioso, eu falei sobre “a vida de uma pesquisadora durante à pandemia” para a Universidade de Potsdam em um pequeno vídeo (em Inglês):

Researcher of the Month (December 2020)

ICHI 2020

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that our paper from the International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI) 2020 is finally available ( 🙂 ): ALPS: A Web Platform for Analysing Multimodal Sensor Data in the Context of Digital Health. In this work, our amazing student Felix Musmann developed an open-source platform to analyse biosignals more easily. The idea is to help researchers working with different sensors to analyse interbeat interval (IBI) together with other signals such as electrodermal activity (EDA) or acceleration. Moreover, in ALPS you can synchronise different sensors based on an acceleration (movement) signature and extract heart rate variability (HRV) indices, which can be used to measure a couple of physiological parameters such as stress and cardiovascular function. Check it out on our GitHub:

Photo by Daniel Korpai on Unsplash

ICIS 2020

We are very grateful to haver our paper selected as the best paper in track on ICIS 2020 ( 🙂 ): MAKING DIGITAL INCLUSIVE: BLENDING LOCAL AND GLOBAL with our paper Spotlight on Women in Tech: Fostering an Inclusive Workforce when Exploring and Exploiting Digital Innovation Potentials.

I was really happy about the news of the prize but what is most exciting is that the conference recognized the importance of such a paper. We shed some light into which topics are occupying the minds of women in tech (through the study of topics discussed in public posts from the Elpha platform). My colleague and first author Franziska Schmitt posted a great article on LinkedIn (and now on Elpha) summarising our key-findings: check it out.

AIME 2020


On August 2020 I was fortunate to present a work on the issues regarding predicting blood pressure from wearable devices at the 2020 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. We were also very happy to be nominated and awarded the best student paper award🥇. The organizing committee was incredible and I would like to send special thanks to Martin and Robert. So, thank you!

If you are interested in the topic please watch the video below! The links to the paper are at the bottom.

The conference was hosted virtually by the University of Minnesota on August 25-28, 2020.

Paper (LINK):

HYPE: Predicting Blood Pressure from Photoplethysmograms in a Hypertensive Population